I Can Help You With The Following


There is nothing more dis-empowering than being abused.  Physical scars can heal, but the emotional scars remain, deeply imbedded in your subconscious mind.  They do not need to remain there, I am able to assist you in bringing your issues to the fore and working through them.

Learn to work through these life altering emotions, and become the person you were intending to be, don't let the pain criple you.

Anger Management

Anger can and will affect all areas of your life.

There is always a root cause, and not necessarily that which you presume it to be.  Rooting out this issue is what will enable you to move forward in your personal and professional life with ease.

With a few simple steps within the sessions you will be able to implement a life without anger.


Whether you view yourself as an introvert or an extrovert, relationships are the core of our beings.

In one way or another we are faced with the interaction of either parent/child, colleagues, friends or spouses.  There are a minefield of deviating circumstances that could potentially be creating a barrier for you.  This does not need to continue into your future.  Establishing your greatest stumbling block will enable you to work through those issues and create interactions with others that will flow fluidly and easily into the future.


On a corporate level, I bring to the table the issue of anger management within the work environment which potentially leads to forms of bullying. Communication skills to enable a healthier and happier and more productive work environment.

I offer courses and seminars to suit your needs.