How many lies have you heard in the last few weeks?  Did you have a gut feeling the words being spoken were not the truth?

Lies are ugly, deceitful and you must never lie to mommy and daddy – have you uttered these exact words yourself?

Dear Parent/s

Think about how often you lie to your child.  How many untruths you have uttered and in the same instance lying to yourself.  Telling yourself and anyone who cares to listen that either your child is too young, or you do not want them doing what you may have done in the past – so you are "protecting" them.

No matter which way you wish to swing your argument, the fact of the matter is that YOU are indirectly teaching them to lie.

Added to this you truly do not value your child’s intelligence.  As much as you the parent has a built-in 6th sense about your child not telling you the truth, the reverse is just as applicable.  The worst though, somewhere along the line like when your child lies to you, the lie comes out and the child will look upon the parent with different eyes.

There are times when we know lies have been uttered yet we are unable to figure out exactly what it is.  No matter the age of the child they know when you lie as do you when they lie to you.  When your lies surface however, you are no longer the role model for your child.  Something within them shrivels and dies.  Ever thought of that?  No, adults generally just perpetrate the same mistakes as their parents have made without truly thinking about the consequences of these actions.

Think about it for a minute, how can you expect your Childs complete honesty with you when you are not being completely honest with your child?  And unfortunately, you as the parent have therefore taught your child that to lie is ok.

To change the cycle of lies will have to start with you.  Be honest no matter how difficult it is.

Children will understand the truth no matter how young they are.  And to give the excuse that they are too young – well there are ways and means to explain to any child – truth is truth and often by keeping it simple it will be understood for what it is.

It is important for you to realise that you can not white-wash yourself by believing the age old lie of you are ‘’protecting’’ them – somewhere along the line, that very line may well be thrown back at you and then how are you going to feel and react?

Time to truly be the adult and break the cycle of lies, tell the truth, your children will be learning from you.

~Life Coach With T~