When you are ready to Kill.

Anger, we have all experienced it.

More than likely we have uttered the words ‘’I could happily kill you’’ or within your tight circle of friends or family ‘’that person needs taking out’’.

Well apart from the fact that killing is murder, and a crime would you truly kill someone?

Many people especially here in South Africa are pro reinstating the death penalty.  And in some instances, I suppose I can’t truly blame them.  Yet personally I would never endorse this.  Very simply put, there is always the off chance that the person being put to death is innocent.

I regress.

The actual topic is anger and not death, however, anger can lead to death.

The reason I say this is not only from the point that someone may well die, but with every anger outburst you kill something within yourself.  Not all anger however is bad, and I am within this article referring to anger which is red hot, murderous anger.  There are those who literally see red, who are unable to see past that glaring ‘’do something’’ colour.  The colour of pure passion (but not in a good way) in a way that could well see someone human or animal lose its life.

Here is the thing though.  For me on a personal level, I would be able to do exactly that should anything that I love and hold dear be threatened.  I could well see myself becoming that angry and ready to end a life.  Yet in saying that, I at times do sit back and wonder.  Would I truly and I mean truly be able to kill?  I honestly do not know.

Now the matter is that there are people who suffer from this kind of anger daily, their trigger points are so varied and so close to the surface that it impacts how others deal with them.  Relate to them only in the sense of making up excuses – yes you read that correctly – people make excuses for those who have a red-hot temper.  Mostly because they themselves live in fear of what the person can do to them or someone they love.

How incredibly sad is that? 

Anger as with fear, is manageable, it can be controlled, it is a learning process.

There are far too many excuses in today’s world for those who commit crimes of anger with no valid reason.

If you or someone you know suffers from severe anger, get help before it is too late and either you or they become another statistic.


Life Coach With T