22 December, 2017

The festive season is upon us - so many people feel abandoned, hated and alone.  

As we look at the essence of this time, it is about giving and sharing.  Yet when you are in the throws of your own despair it is most definitely not a feeling that comes to you of wanting to share.  Not your time or your presence.  You may well throw money (for those who can afford to do so) at whomever you may feel is worthy of something more.

Though the strangest thing is that when you give of yourself you generally do feel better, more worthy.

The metering out of abuse, derogatory statements, nastiness is one of the actions which will give you a feeling of achievement - if it does then you are suffering of low self esteem yourself and can only find self worth in hurting someone or something else.  Perhaps it is time to sit and think about what it is you are doing to yourself and those you are inflicting with your pain and nastiness.  

If you are on the receiving end of any form of abuse, perhaps you should think about what it is you want - do you want to continue on your life path and eventually become bitter and twisted, fearful or worse case scenario no longer living.  You do have options and you do have the right to expect to be treated with respect and love.

This is now a time for reflection.  What is it you wish for?

With that I wish you a peace filled festive season.  And whatever you wish for yourself in 2018 I wish for you.

~Life Coach With T~