A child harmed, has the great potential to become a battered adult.

You may not agree, you may feel you never had a problem, which if the case be extremely grateful.  The truth though is that the majority of children have felt pain in one form or another.

Fear, abuse and whether verbal, emotional or physical leave marks and indentations that run deep.  Each adult will be able to attest to some form of harm inflicted upon them whilst growing up. Be that in the home or school.

There are some children who grow up into adulthood with little recollection of events or words that took place, yet are scared. Scared because they managed to box up the hurt so well that it is hidden deep within.  This may well later in life come to the surface where they struggle with issues that make no sense to them, until through therapy the box they sealed so well gets opened up.

As parents/guardians it is our responsibility to be there for our children.  To lead them and to make them the best adults that they could possibly be.

Considering of course that we too are only human, this does not give us an excuse not to do the best for those young individuals.  It also does not give us as the adults the excuse to ignore what we or other adults do to the young in our/there care.  I use the term our care because we should all look upon all the children as being an extension of ourselves.  They are the future and if as adults we are not there for those in need, we are negating on our responsibilities as adults.

The question therefore is, are you going to turn a blind eye and prefer to live in your comfort zone which may well come back to bite you somewhere along the line.  Or are you going to step up and step out and be a part of the change that is desperately needed for abusive behaviour of any kind to end?

We are left with choices in life, make the right one for yourself and the young ones you encounter.

~Life Coach With T~