11 July, 2017

When meeting me you would never guess that I have worn the badges or helmets of fear, anger, self-worthlessness, and abuse.

The reason is two-fold.

First and foremost, I have overcome!  And everyone can, it is a choice you make, one of either remaining a victim or becoming the victor.

Secondly, like most people, in the beginning I felt ashamed to let others know what had happened to me.  It is fair to say most people wouldn’t dream of letting you know that they are going through any of the above.

And the greatest most demoralising part is FEAR.

Fear hampers your everyday life.  Fear can even cost you or your loved one’s life.  You may well be thinking that this is a crazy statement to make.  Unfortunately, it is not.  It is a fact that those who are living in physically abusive environments could well pay with their life.  Those who are experiencing bullying could end up taking their life.  The children who are being abused could lose their life and so round and round the merry-go-round it goes.

How many of you would think that fear has such a major impact on lives?  Only those who have suffered it in varying degrees one would presume.  Yet that too is incorrect – many people do not even realise that they are living in fear – the mere fact that they do not speak up and out is a fear of what society may or may not think of them.  Where however, does that fear originate?  In the past of course.  Yet one must dig a little to find the exact entry point of that fear.  And of course, fears are passed down through generations, but they need not be carried forward through you to the next generation.

If as an adult fear can literally cause you to freeze in thought, emotion and physical action, how much more so would a child fear?

Children do not know the correct terminologies that adults are supposedly to know, and adults are often clueless as to how to express what they are feeling.

Can you imagine a child’s fear when confronted with any form of abuse, whether physical, verbal or emotional?  A child who has no words to describe the pain or the wrong that has been done to it.

And adults will either laugh it off, or make some excuse – worse still are the adults who suspect or know something is off key.  They who have a voice to tell someone and they don’t - no matter whether you are afraid of the repercussion’s when it comes to child abuse you have no excuse – you must report it immediately.

Facing your fears will be a liberation not only for yourself, but for those who may well need your intervention.  There are few in this world who do not have fears, they may not admit to them, but they have them alright.  The important factor here is how to live a life that enables you NOT to let fear rule your life.

~Life Coach With T~