Those words they are just words, they can’t harm.  Spoken with NO meaning.  Truly?  Why then were they uttered?

Words don’t leave a bruise or bloody nose, so how can they mean anything – oh they are only words spoken in the heat of the moment.  They are only words uttered in jest.  They are only words used to try and be ‘’funny’’.

Words can and do hurt more than a physical blow.  The physical pain is instant and then over time it heals leaving a memory of the experience and fear of it perhaps happening again.

Words on the other hand...

Hurtful, harmful, condescending, insulting and more, they leave no physical scars, all you may see when your words are spoken are tears.  Though those too will dry and only be shed in the quiet by none to see.  Yet the words you uttered will remain, wedged deep within the recesses of the brain.  The scars are deep and healing will take time if help is sought.  If no help is given or requested, the words become a festering sore which will ooze out and create a toxic environment for the person.

With hurtful, harmful words love is killed, respect dies and most of all the person on the receiving end dies a little bit each day.  No longer being able to feel the confidence in themselves, no longer believing they have any worth in the society they live and walk.

Oh - those words are used by bullies.  Those who are fearful themselves.

That doesn’t help you though.  That doesn’t take away your pain, does it?  Bullies are nasty creatures born to sour the lives of others.  That seems to be their greatest ‘’achievement’’ to make others feel less worthy compared to themselves.  Bullying is not acceptable.  Bullying leads to internal death and destruction – and can very well lead to physical death in those who are not able to cope with the harmful, hurtful words spoken.  Not because they are weak, but because they are unable to work through the pain and the harm done by a bully.