If you are wondering whether you or anyone you know may well be suffering from the co-dependency syndrome, here are a few ‘’self-diagnosing’’ pointers.

However, I would advise that should you feel you are having problems with being co-dependent please do yourself a favour and go and see someone for counselling.  Get it sorted out for your own sake.  This could potentially wreck so many of your relationships.

And yes, it can be sorted and you can live a perfectly normal (though what normal is, is highly debateable) life.  It may well be a little hard work because you will be working though many factors of your life.  So well worth it at the end of the day though.  You will have mastered yourself and your situations.  How amazing would that not be.

  • Suffering from low to nearly no self-esteem
  • Coming from a dysfunctional family background could make you more prone to co-dependency
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Unable to express your emotions properly
  • Can you say NO without feeling you are in the wrong
  • You are unable to set boundaries for yourself or others you interact with
  • Over reacting on an emotional level
  • The need to be needed – taking care of everyone you come across
  • The need to be in control of others
  • Not being able to be honest with yourself or others
  • Making a mountain out of a molehill if something goes wrong
  • Having a deep need to be liked, fearing no one does
  • Feeling worthless unless in a relationship
  • Always putting others needs before your very own
  • Having issues with regards to intimacy
  • Misunderstanding the difference between someone loving you or feeling sorry for you
  • Sitting with deep fear of being left/no one loving you

~Life Coach With T~